Scott Silsbe

Some of my past and present coding projects... (in development)

An web platform for custom tournaments and game shows, including dynamic event dashboards, profiles, and creator/fan accounts for interactivity and data capture. Built with TypeScript, React, Next, Node, Postgres/SQL, TypeORM, Supabase. Live:


An implementation of the social deduction game Deception: Murder in Hong Kong by designer Tobey Ho. Built with ReactJS, Node.js/Express, and Socket.IO. Hosted cross-origin on Vercel and Heroku.

Notable features and tech...

ReactJS App

Custom HTTP hook (Fetch API), Socket.IO, form validation, session authorization, user context, text chat and server messages, modal components, React router, dynamic UI reactive to complex game state/logic. Styled with SCSS/SASS.

Node.js REST API

Persistent private lobbies, HTTP routes, CORS handling, session cookies, HTTPS and Socket.IO server, full scripting of complex game logic. Calls to other REST APIs using Node.JS native https module.

This Very Website

A server side rendered site built with TypeScript, Svelte, SvelteKit, and SCSS. Hosted on Vercel. Originally built in vanilla JS / HTML / CSS; then rebuilt as an SPA in Svelte; and finally converted to TypeScript and SvelteKit.


Converts JavaScript objects to and from JSON strings while preserving methods/functions.

Uses regular expressions (regex) to identify and parse a variety of JavaScript function syntaxes (e.g. shorthand, arrow, generators, async, deconstructed parameters, etc.) (Does not use eval to functionize.)