Scott Silsbe

Full Stack Web Developer. Expertise in TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Next, and Node, with 6 years experience in technical project management, e-commerce, interaction design, and creative production

  • Everything you want in a developer and colleague. Takes his work seriously and has a great mind for software development, but also has a bigger perspective that his past experience brings to the table. It's not often developers are able to be in the weeds and also see the big picture at the same time and Scott does this very well.

    Jeff Yamada
    CEO of Impossible Bureau

  • One of the most detailed thinkers I've ever worked with. His ability to think through problems and ask the right questions makes him an asset to any team. He's a dev who can build well beyond the number of years he's been coding, bringing with him years of experience in organizing thoughts and people and creatively solving problems. I hope our professional paths cross again. I'd work with Scott again in a heartbeat.

    Kit Masaracchia
    Lead Developer at Impossible Bureau

  • Led our user growth efforts and helped position the company for long-term success. I'd recommend him to any organization in search of a strategic thinker with excellent problem solving skills.

    Colin Lestrange
    HireOwl Co-Founder

  • A detail-oriented team player who thrives in collaborative environments with a proactive attitude on organizational development, always searching for ways to increase efficiency and output to match the needs of large productions.

    Raul Carvajal
    Festival Producer at Games for Change

  • A dream to work with—clever, resourceful, proactive, and professional. Even under tight deadlines and difficult parameters, his creative output far surpassed expectations.

    Jenny Gottstein
    Director of Games at The Go Game


MA Digital Media
New York University 2014

BA History
Stony Brook University 2008


  • Affinity Suite
  • Client Relations
  • Community Engagement
  • Copywriting / Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • CRUD
  • CSS / SASS
  • Experiential / Interaction Design
  • Express.js
  • Game Design + Development
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Gamification
  • Git + Github
  • Google Fu
  • Google Sheets
  • Graphic Design
  • GraphQL
  • Heroku
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Market Research
  • MongoDB
  • Narrative Design
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • NPM Packages / CLI / Scripts
  • Playtesting + Prototyping
  • Postgres
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • React.js
  • Regex
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • SQL
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Svelte + SvelteKit
  • Three.js
  • TypeScript
  • Vercel
  • Vite
  • VSCode


  • Software Developer
    Impossible Bureau
    As part of a small, agile team, build and maintain React web applications and Node.js APIs using GraphQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, Next.js, Redux, Three.js, and more.
    • Contributed to the development and maintenance of 4 React web applications. Tech: TypeScript, JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, GraphQL, Redux, Three.js, Styled Components, GSAP, Vercel, Contentful.

    • Designed and developed REST API (Node.js + TypeScript) responsible for content delivery, events, and ticketing services for a major client. Tech: TypeScript, Node.js, Redis, Heroku, Contentful, Ticketure.

    • Developed and maintained numerous reusable responsive React components ranging from atoms and containers to complex form inputs, media players, and calendars. Tech: Storybook, Styled Components, GSAP, Figma.

  • Technical Project Manager
    Night Channels
    Maintain Shopify storefront with $1.6 million in net sales over 6 years, overseeing 55% growth from $206,000 in 2018 to $320,000 in 2022, and improving customer return rate from 10% in 2018 to 28% in 2022.
    • Web Development

      Maintain databases of 3,000 products with 120,000 variants, and 38,000 orders from 28,000 customers. Implement numerous front end customizations and API connections using JavaScript, Liquid, and CSS

  • Full Stack Web Developer
    Independent Projects
    3000+ hours on independent projects and courses using React, Node.js, Svelte, SvelteKit, Three.js, Next.js, and postgres/SQL, as well as TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS/SASS, and HTML.
    • Full Stack Event Platform

      ( Platform for custom tournaments and game shows, including dynamic event dashboards, profiles, and creator/fan accounts for interactivity and data capture. Built with TypeScript, React, Next, Node, Postgres/SQL, TypeORM, Supabase

    • Full Stack Multiplayer Game App

      ( Social deduction game, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, built with ReactJS, Node.js/Express, and Socket.IO. Hosted cross-origin on Vercel and Heroku.

    • React App

      (GitHub Repository) Custom hooks for HTTP requests (Fetch API), Socket.IO, form validation, and session authorization, user context, text chat and server messages, modals. Styled with SASS/SCSS.

    • Node.js REST API

      (GitHub Repository) Full scripting of complex game logic; persistent, private lobbies; HTTP routes; CORS handling; session cookies.

    • Personal Website

      ( / GitHub Repository) Responsive SPA built with vanilla HTML / CSS / JavaScript, later rebuilt with Svelte and SCSS. Features: light/dark mode with saved prefs, CSS transitions, JSON-based data storage. Hosted on Vercel.

    • Full Stack Web Development

      Completed the Odin Project's Full-Stack JavaScript curriculum, as well as additional courses in React, Svelte, MongoDB, the MERN stack, and object oriented programming.

  • Interactive Event Producer
    Contracts + Projects Under Personal Brand
    Led production of 40+ gaming events with 3800+ attendance, including escape rooms and events at gaming conventions such as GEN CON and PAX.
    • Creative Design + Production

      Led the design, development, and execution of over 40 live events for 3800+ total attendees, ranging from escape rooms and wedding receptions to geopolitical simulations and team-building events.

    • Project Management

      Assembled and led teams of multi-disciplinary professionals to produce and run complex gaming events at 8 major conventions and expos, regularly selling out.

    • Narrative + Interaction Design

      Specialist in interactive, gamified events using narrative and theme to achieve event objectives within given space, time, and budgetary constraints.

    • Procedures + Technical Documentation

      Designed, documented, and tutorialized gamified live team-based events requiring precise timing as well as complex facilitation and bookkeeping procedures.

    • Game + Puzzle Design

      Contracted by 5 firms to produce games, puzzles, and quizzes for live events and proprietary digital platforms, resulting in successful products experienced by thousands of players.

    • Talent + Influencer Relations

      Built relationships with top-tier media influencers in tabletop gaming, leading to product plugs and positive reviews in 10+ podcasts and on YouTube.

    • Partnerships

      On strength of event offerings at 2019 gaming conventions, invited to run events at Gen Con 2020, securing a 200,000 square foot space. (Planning was well underway when the convention was cancelled due to COVID-19.)

    • Simultaneous Projects

      5 years spent balancing multiple creative projects, in addition to business development, branding, marketing, social media, budgeting, etc.

  • Production Coordinator
    Games for Change
    Collaborated on a cross-functional team to produce the 2019 G4C Festival with attendance of over 1200.
    • Project Management

      Coordinated work of 12 junior producers, event team members, and 'super-volunteers' during 7 day pre-Festival production sprint.

    • Digital Content Management

      Oversaw production and organization of digital Festival content and collateral, managing databases, deploying content updates to the live Wordpress website, making design edits and CDN changes when needed, and serving as final checkpoint for accuracy and quality.

    • Team Leadership + Community Management

      Recruited, trained 150 volunteers, maintaining motivation and engagement over 2 months through email outreach, digital meet-ups, and live events, resulting in smallest volunteer falloff of any G4C Festival.

    • Live Event Coordination

      Managed volunteer teams (organized into over 500 shifts and 10 distinct roles) throughout the Festival, allocating personnel, overseeing output, and problem solving as necessary.

  • Project Manager / E-Learning Product Designer
    Career guidance and ESL startup based in China. Recruited as Project Manager; transitioned to product design and development role in early 2018. (Changing geopolitical situation led to closure of US office.)
    • Digital Product Development

      Collaborated with curriculum lead to oversee team of 16 remote developers, resulting in creation of over 200 interactive ESL lessons on the Articulate web-learning platform.

    • Interactive Design

      Produced 24 'concept' lessons (and supporting documentation) featuring complex gamification and narrative design for POC demonstration to financiers and other stakeholders.

    • Quality Assurance

      Served as final check on lessons, documentation, and other collateral for accuracy, functionality, and adherence to SOPs before delivery.

    • Project Management

      Managed and mentored 26 junior analysts on multiple teams to produce 7 50-100 page equity and market research reports.

  • Manager, Operations + Development
    Worked closely with founders of this small edtech startup; involved in all aspects of the business.
    • Product Development

      Used market research, user surveys, A/B tests, and case studies to iterate and refine platform features, and prioritize development given budget and time limits.

    • Technical Project Management

      Oversaw and coordinated work of 3 remote front and back-end developers and designers, including 3 major feature updates, a rebrand/front-end overhaul, and numerous minor updates.

    • Partnerships

      Worked with founders to build partnerships with career centers at over 40 schools, growing active student user base to over 30,000. Maintained partner and user database in Salesforce.

    • Project Management

      Recruited and managed team of 15 students to source and begin outreach to 3,300 key decision makers at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, ultimately bringing 12 new institutions to the platform.

    • Business Development

      Spearheaded coworking space outreach, resulting in partnerships with 5 offices in NYC and Boston.

  • Producer, Live + Online Events
    Short-term position at the Noise4Good startup, intended as a web-platform for musicians to host digital fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Responsibilities included product management, digital and live events, branding, and whatever else needed doing.
    • Product Design

      Gathered and organized survey results from 200+ users as well as engagement metrics and feedback from stakeholders, producing a detailed report for 4GoodDigital founders and development team.

    • Digital Events

      Oversaw 7 day development sprint (including UI updates and bug fixes) and managed launch of 3 POC digital campaigns, raising over $4,000 for charity.

    • Event Coordination

      Produced 5 intimate gatherings for strategic partners, investors (both onboard and prospective), and musicians, featuring live performances and product demos at high-end venues and coworking spaces, with total attendance of over 250.


  • Regular presenter at conferences on live action gaming events, conflict sims, and interactive media — including talks and workshops at Serious Play, GEN CON, NYU, CUNY, Rutgers, Brooklyn College, and The New School.
  • Occasional adventurer with experience in foreign cultures and untamed wilds, including treks to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest Base Camp.